What do you do when you are diagnosed with cancer?

Presently in the US the risk of developing cancer is 1 in 2 for a man and 1 in 3 for a woman

So basically, most everyone has a very strong chance of getting cancer in their lifetime.

This is why an ounce of prevention is worth much more than I pound of cure. So many patients we have seen over the last 35 years at Total Health Institute were very surprised that they received the cancer diagnosis. But when you look at the standard American diet, lifestyle and stress one can obviously see most people are making an environment in their body to promote cancer growth whether they know it or not.

People do not realize that they live in a toxic environment, toxic air, toxic water and toxic, altered food. At Total Health Institute we teach 7 Basic Steps to Total Health which is a guide for healthy living and disease prevention. So when a person breaks most of these 7 Basic Steps to Total Health daily along with living with higher stress for prolonged periods of time and the outcome is the production of a breeding ground for pathogens to form and grow and the worst one being cancer.

Would it not be better to learn the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health now and produce an environment in your body that is inflammation and toxin free? Would it not be better to change things now knowing that you will get cancer someday if you wait?

Would it not be better to become very healthy now so you can enjoy life to the full and have energy and vitality from this year forward.

What if we told you there was a way to prevent cancer and all disease, feel full of energy from the time  all day, go to your perfect body weight without eating less, look and feel at least years younger, have no pain in your body, have a sharp mind and an excellent memory, and also be very stress resistant?

Does this sound too good to be true?

It is true and you can achieve all of this by learning the steps to attain it and progressively take those steps until you have mastered you own health.

Is it easy? No otherwise everyone would have it.

Is it easy to go to the win a goal metal? No otherwise everyone would have one.

Why only a few attain perfect health? Because only a few are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to walk the road that leads to true and total health of body, mind and emotions.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and even if it is a small step as long as you keep moving forward you will eventually get to the place of total health and total healing. But you have to take the steps and keep taking those steps each and every day.  

So what are the steps you should take?

  1. Get knowledge– watch the video “How to Treat Cancer” so you know how cancer thinks, so you can become proactive and never have to wait for it to surprise you or if you already have cancer, then you will have a plan become healthy so cancer does not want to live in the environment you will be making.
  2. Download our complementary 7 Basic Steps to Total Health ebook on our homepage so you can start taking your first steps in your journey. Faith without actions produces nothing.

If you have been diagnosed with a major health challenge and would like some guidance call Total Health Institute at 630-871-0000 and set up a complementary phone consultation to review your options.

Who is the boss of you? A cancer cell or YOU moving forward with a plan to succeed?